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Seeing really is believing

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It has always been my belief that any successful designer or commercial artist should first be versed in the finer art principles. I have been painting since I was a teenager long before beginning to work with computer graphics. I always intend to keep my talents sharp involving real media.

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Real Media
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What is "real media"?

Real media is what was used to create fine and commercial art before computer graphics became the standard. Enclosed are samples using inks, scratchboard, markers, cut-out pieces of colored paper, watercolors, etc., etc.

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Early Computer Graphics
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Samples of my earlier work with computer graphics. Many are earlier college projects,simple website graphics and exploratory work to broaden my talent as an artist.

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Graphic Design
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My most recent projects. I continue utilizing all of my talent, experience, skill and capability as a designer covering a broad spectrum of media.

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