What I hope to achieve

I have several years of experience in the printing, graphic art and graphic design industry which would prove a valuable addition to your firm. My knowledge and my expertise spans nearly everything from press operation and pre-press through graphic design.
I have excellent written and verbal communication skills and consider myself a team player. I have a “no-nonsense” work ethic so I will work well with others and want to be trusted for specialized projects. I can also supervise and delegate responsibility while not being afraid to roll-up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. I am extremely attentive to detail. I also work well independently requiring minimum guidance on specialized projects which require intense focus and concentration.

I'm seeking an employer who will offer more than just a job and views me as more than just another worker as I have such a situation already. I'm seeking a real career opportunity in the field of choice that I would prefer working in and have a real passion for, capability and experience in. I have worked both in and outside this field for the last several years due to the economy. While it's understandable that these have been tough times, I do not feel a necessity to throw my skill and talent away for peanuts when I could make just as much or more doing manual labor type work that requires almost nothing from me. While these are tough financial times, it's still my belief that you get what you pay for. If a real opportunity arises, I'm willing to contribute my experience, talent, creativity and expertise to it, otherwise I already have a "job".

It's my hope that there are still some employers out there offering more than just a job, and do actually see the people they employ as actual team members and partners in their business efforts. An employer who is willing to share more of their profits with the people they employ as they know they also make their business happen. An employer that actually cares about the services they provide and / or goods they manufacture as much as they do their profits. An employer who views their business as more than simply a means to make themselves more money at the expense of their employee's efforts, but see's the efforts of the people they employ as valuable to their business as the clients they serve.

Ultimately, I wish to contribute my skills, experience, wisdom, time and energy to an employer that will appreciate and reward effort, hard work and determination with a long-term opportunity offering plenty of room for growth and promotion in position, salary and benefits.

The ideal employer would value the effort their employee's contribute to the on-going existence of their business rather than seeing them as a necessary "cost" and as expendable.


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