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I have several years of experience in the printing, pre-press, graphic art and graphic design industry which would prove a valuable addition to your firm. My knowledge and my expertise spans nearly everything from press operation and pre-press through computer graphic design.

I have excellent communication skills and am a team player. I have a "no-nonsense" work ethic for getting things done right the first time while always working well with others. I take the intiative to take-on specialized projects. I'm a born leader and can supervise and delegate responsibility while not being afraid to roll-up my sleeves and get my own hands dirty. I am extremely focused and attentive to detail. I work well independently requiring minimum guidance on specialized projects which require intense focus, skill, talent and concentration.

My commercial art talent spans the latest versions of all of the industry standard graphic design software applications including; the latest CS versions of Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat, as well as the latest versions of QuarkXPress and Pagemaker on Macintosh and PC platforms. My work has involved illustration, logo design, creation of display advertisements, page layout of every kind, typesetting, typography (as a true artform), pagination of every kind, every kind of pre-press work, etc., ....you name it, I've probably done it. My production and general office experience covers everything from scanning, color separating, color correction and trapping through creating PDF files, output to all kinds of printers, imagesetters and platesetters, proofing final artwork, creating mock-ups, e-mailing and FTP-ing files and correspondence, customer service, production planning, supervisory / project management experience and business related research.

I began this journey in the commercial arts in a pre-press, print, publishing and production graphics environment. I have recently moved into doing freelance art, design, print, publishing and consultation work here and there. I also have some light experience creating with many of the industry standard internet graphics applications, such as; the latest CS versions of Flash and Dreamweaver.

It is my phylosophy as-well as my real life experience that there are many with college degrees, technical skill and software aptitude that simply do not have talent. The tools of the trade are only as good as the talent and imagination behind them. Anyone can use photoshop (for example), not many have the imagination or the talent to use it to produce a successful design. My production skill and the success I've had is solid only because I have a developed talent.

I have been passionate about visual art as a form of communication for as long as I can remember and have always done my best to follow a sensible yet challenging career path closely related to what I enjoy. I see new and emerging technology as an extension of my ever expanding capabilities.

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